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It's Personal

Marketing is creative and can be personal, whimsical, dramatic, funny, formal, all business or touching. I decided to get personal here and tell a little of my experience and philosophy.
I’m an Air Force Brat, was born in Oklahoma, lived in Arizona, England, Florida, Texas, two places in Virginia, and New Mexico. Always the "new kid," I learned to be adaptable and to solve problems. With only one brother, 11 months younger, my family has always been close and the most important thing in my life.
A graduate of New Mexico State University, with a Bachelor's Degree in Theater Arts, I’ve always said that theater is project management. A director plans and executes a project. She manages many disparate parts of the production - the actors, set builders, costumers, props, technical crew, marketing, etc. There is an opening night date that can’t change. “The show must go on.” All of us working on the project have to work together as a team and adhere to a schedule. Marketing is a huge part of the theater world. You are promoting the people, the theater and your productions.
Marketing is Product, Price, Distribution and Promotion. You develop a product that might be a physical item, a service, an event or production. You decide how to price it. Who is your customer and how are you going to make your product available to your customer? How are you going to let your customer know who you are, what you are offering and where they can obtain your product?
During my 24 years in the marketing field, I’ve worked with real estate companies, title companies, attorneys, banks, arts organizations, hospitals, resorts, non-profits, and other small businesses. During my 14-year tenure as marketing director for a real estate development company in Okaloosa County, I was also the only real estate listing/sales agent during eight years of that time. I was responsible for over $26 million in property sales in Niceville, Florida during the years that included the Great Recession and Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill.
I work with many talented artists and together we can help you grow your message.
My experience:

  • 24 years marketing experience

  • A Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater Arts

  • A Certified Economic Developer since 2008

  • Experienced writer: website content, press releases, articles, etc.

  • Specializing in communications, idea generation,
    creative problem solving, research, project planning and

  • Graphic design, photography, event planning and
    interior decorating experience

  • Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker (Rosewood Realty-Ft. Walton Beach)

  • 16 years of real estate sales experience

  • Six years of real estate development experience

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"My dad was awarded two Distinguished Flying Crosses while flying over 300 missions during his year-long tour in Viet Nam. I found out by finding the medals in the attic. I learned recently he received one from General Benjamin Davis, leader of the Tuskegee Airmen! Always there for us, Dad has been our hero."

Kelly Murphy-Redd

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"I started writing at an early age. I wrote a play, directed it and played the Elf. My brother Patrick played Santa Clause. He was an especially good sport considering I glued cotton balls to his face with Elmer's Glue."

Kelly Murphy-Redd

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"I had the most beautiful mother. She was my constant. She was my friend with whom I could talk and laugh. Funny and strong, she loved us fiercely. Like her I am a voracious reader but unlike her, I did not become the biggest sports fan ever in the history of the entire world." :-)

Kelly Murphy-Redd

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"I am blessed to be married to the finest person on the face of the earth. He is incredibly talented and a truly good person. It's not just because I am his wife that I highly recommend his music. World-renowned musicians think he's pretty good too."

Kelly Murphy-Redd